Queen of Hearts Raffle

Come play the Queen of Hearts Progressive Raffle at Fiddler’s Green Pub.
Tickets are $1.00 and can be purchased on Tuesday from 5:00-7:00 and Wednesday 3:00-7:00

What is the Queen of Hearts Raffle?
This is a weekly progressive raffle with a drawing every Wednesday night promptly at 7:00PM.
When you fill out your raffle ticket you will also write down a number that corresponds with the game board set up in the pub. If your ticket is chosen, the associated envelope on the game board will be taken off the board and the playing card inside the envelope will be removed. If the following card is revealed you will win:
Any card 2-10, you win $25.00
Any Jack, you win $30.00
Any Queen of Club, Diamond or Spade you win $35.00
Any King you win $40.00
Any Ace you win $45.00
Any Joker you win $50.00
Any Leprechaun, you win $75.00
If the Queen of Hearts is selected the Grand Prize will be 60% of the pot of money, if you are present. If you are not present you will win 50% of the pot of money.

Please Note: This is a weekly drawing so after a name is pulled on Wednesday evening, all losing tickets are discarded and new tickets must be purchased for the following week’s drawing.
You must be 21 years of age to purchase a ticket.
The Worcester Hibernian Cultural Centre will issue a 1099 Tax form where applicable.