Fiddler’s Green Hall Rentals

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Fiddlers’ Green is the resident pub located within the Worcester Hibernian Cultural Centre.

In addition to the Pub, the Worcester Hibernian Cultural Centre has a hall that can be rented by the general public.

For information on hall rentals please call or e-mail us:

Phone: (508) 792-3700

For additional information on the Pub, you can click on one of the links below.  

Visit the Fiddler’s Green Pub page on Facebook for updates!

Fiddler’s Green Pub Hours of Operation




 Opens at 5:00 PM


 Opens at 5:00 PM


 Opens at 5:00 PM


 Opens at 5:00 PM


 Opens at 5:00 PM


 Open 2nd & 4th at 4 pm